Longing Heart

*Warning: The write up you are about to read, contains a toxic and high level of staning😭😭 and delulu-nization. Not suitable for normal people who can distinguish between reality and delusion*



-Perhaps we were not meant to be,

We were willing, even to cross the sea.

But fate was never in our favor

From thousand miles we reached out to each other

But in vain was our labor.

-What did we ever do wrong?

All we wanted was a chance with each other

We were like Jiknyeo and Gyeonwu

Who had to work so hard to meet only once a year.

-Oh! What cruel fate we have!

But remember, no matter how far,

No matter how hard,

As long as your heart beats for me

Mine shall always beat for you, my love

-To you💜…

Found this in my jotterbook.. Don’t even want to know who I thought of while writing it. Hopefully, not V…😒😕

BTW, I was watching the vertical version of BTS- Make it right and It is such a surprise to myself as my heart beats fast just seeing V’s face and hearing that voice that strikes warmth and love in me.

It makes me wonder when this Oppadoration will end. Any way, whilst it last. I will enjoy it with all my heart.

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