‘If you make enough bad decisions, every once in a while things work out for you’

Geoff Ramsey


To everyone who wanders here unintentionally or not.. Apparently, this blog was created in 2016 though unfortunately, I can’t remember when I did. It makes me wonder how many weird/rash/wrong/right decisions and actions I have taken as a growing youth and forgotten right after🤔🤔

Right at this moment, I wonder the words I’ve said, heard, commitments I’ve made and forgotten all about and is being held against me someplace I don’t remember till today. Procastinations of great or perhaps weird decisions.

Is it just me?

This is the diary of a growing youth created on the 23rd of June, 2016 by VICKYCROWN, forgotten about but by a stroke of miracle remembered today, 8th of October, 2019.


Nice to meet you🤗🤗

PS: One of my favourite pastimes is taking pictures of nature especially the sky.. You have been warned😁😂😂

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